Guide to Depositing

ROARMAP: How to...

  1. What to deposit
  2. If your institution or organisation has an Open Access policy or mandate, it is important for you to record details of it in ROARMAP to ensure that this vital resource is kept up to date. ROARMAP exists in order to keep accurate records of policies, mandates and details of Open Access repositories across the globe.

    Live map of policies registered in ROARMAP

  3. How to deposit
  4. You should first create an account. You will need to enter your name, email address, a username and a password.

    Create account

    You will receive an email to confirm your registration. The email will contain a link which will activate your account.

  5. Registering your policy
  6. You will need to answer a number of questions regarding the origins and content of your policy. These include information such as:

    • the name, type and URL of your institution or organisation
    • the URL of your policy
    • the URL of your repository (if you have one)
    • the source of your policy eg. faculty vote or administrative decision

    You will also be required to provide information such as the date at which the policy was adopted, and when it came into effect.

    Following these core details, there are several questions about the actual content of the policy. Each question is clearly displayed and has a number of multiple choice answers to choose from. Please answer all questions, even if the answer is 'unspecified'. There are broadly five areas which are covered and including questions regarding:

    • Deposit - is it a requirement or merely a recommendation? Where and when should the deposit be made? What type of content does the policy cover, and which version of this content? Does the author have a right to waive deposit altogether? Is the deposit a precondition to research evaluation eg. the Liege/HEFCE model?
    • Open Access conditions - is there a requirement or merely a recommendation to make the deposit Open Access? When should it be made open? Can the author waive permission to make the item open? Does the policy specify licensing conditions eg. CC-BY?
    • Embargoes - how long are policy embargoes on STEM and HASS disciplines? Does the policy allow the maximum embargo length to be waived?
    • Rights - who holds the rights to the deposited item? Can rights to the deposited item be waived?
    • Gold publishing and APCs - Does the policy acknowledge the 'Gold' publishing route? Is there funding in place to pay for publisher levied Article Processing Charges (APCs)?

  7. Review, Approval and Deposit
  8. Once you have completed and submitted the record for your policy it is sent for review and approval by the repository administrators. If any information is missing or needs clarification they will send you an email and ask you to amend the record. If everything is correct the administrator will approve the record and it will be moved into the repository.