Universidade do Minho

Universidade do Minho (21 Dec 2004)



1 - The following University of Minho Intellectual Output Policy was established: a) Teachers and researchers at University of Minho who are authors or co-authors must archive their publications and documents in RepositoriUM at University of Minho Institutional Repository, to be made available in open access with the following exceptions: - Documents whose availability in open access may constitute an infraction to the licence granted to third parties (editors, etc.) by the author(s) or by University of Minho, that contain confidential matters or are intended for commercialization (books, etc.), will not be available in open access in RepositoriUM, but only referenced with the traditional metadata, or made available in restricted access to the University of Minho network; b) The organisational units (research centers, departments/schools) must sign and adopt self-archive policies for the scientific output of their members, based in the sample attached to the present document. c) Authors of thesis and dissertations approved by University of Minho must authorise the archive of their thesis or dissertation in RepositoriUM. 2 - In 2005, the Rectory (government of University) will provide a financial supplement to schools and research centers, proportional to their adjustment to the policy of open access in RepositoriUM.

Contributed by Rodrigues, Eloy (Director Documentation Servces)

MANDATE TYPE: Institutional Mandate
Depositing User: Tim Brody
Date Deposited: 21 Dec 2004 09:06
Last Modified: 28 Feb 2011 15:02

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